Sunday, December 7, 2008

A quick weekend!

At camp with the MKF membersPreparing meals at kem Isi Rimba
The night before: at my company's annual dinner

Wow! So many things had happened over the weekend. I was on my way to kg Kemensah in Hulu Kelang
when I saw a convoy of Federal Reserve Unit trucks screeching away.Word over the radio was a column of luxury bungalows was swept by landslide. This happened early in the
morning. Four bodies were recovered from the scene. Seems that the area had never recovered from a string of
similar events - dating back to 15 years ago when the Highland Towers collapsed.Now, the witch hunt continues to see who was responsible. Tragedy aside, I spent the entire Saturday in a
camp located deep inside Kemensah.The location was no mystery to me as I had been there some 15 years back. All was good till the
mosquitoes came buzzing at my hut when I decided to hit the sack.Sleep deprived, I made my way home and had lunch with my wife. Later, we had dinner with her family at
an old restaurant in KL.All good things said and done, that was the highlight of the day..

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