Monday, December 1, 2008

The unkindest cut..

Well, I thought this would be a smooth month. Despite a RM600 arrears and contributors fee, my total pay package came way below my expectations.Why? My deductions came up to RM1.65K and two-thirds of it went to tax. Looks like December is going
to be one helluva ride till the storm clears up in April next year..Meanwhile, back on the front, many folks are speculating about the 'Great Depression'. As a matter of fact,
I met an old friend at lunch, a big shot who owns a construction giant. He too gave the same inclination. I guess that folks with an oppulent lifestyle and those who are living on
borrowed time has plenty to fear.The guy is a multi-millionaire and well, rich people - they tend to see things from a different perspective.
They have EVERYTHING to fear when ALL they own are decreasing in value. That said, I had also limited my exposure with the guy. Seeing him once a blue moon isn't that bad. At least
the bugger is still alive. The only thing that is slowly deminishing - is his hair...Way I see it, I have been in the gutter since 1994. The people I trusted screwed me. The one I loved, left
me. Even my wheels were taken away. Despite everything that was thrown my way - I survived. I did it own my own without asking for money from
friends or my family. And if the said Great Depression would hit, I will ditch my worldly belongings. No sweat.I don't fear recession. There's nothing to shout about when you are already down there with the crud. Back
at the workplace, measures are being taken to curb spending.One of the drastic move taken, was the non-renewal of contracted staff. I am talking about old geezers on
the payroll. They worked for at least two or three years post retirement. Come January, all of them will be cut loose.
With one or two exception.Come what may, this old soldier will march on through!

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