Saturday, December 13, 2008

Soggy Saturday..

My soggy gurl
The boy, all dried up.. 
Spending quality time with my kidz.. 
My pup basking in the hot sun..

I took advantage of the hot Saturday morning to bathe my dogs. Such is a chore that I can only do on weekends. 
With the furkidz clean, they have a coat of smooth and silky fur. The humid weather here made things worse especially during the rain.
My boy and gurl gets sticky and smelly very fast. Now that it's raining outside, the kidz are nicely curled up in deep sleep at our living room.
I am headed over to my in-law's place to pick up our puppy crate cos Ah Pan, my farmhand friend is coming over to get it for his litter.
Tomorrow, I am bringing the kidz over to their Grand Auntie's place for lunch. Now that our ASTRO decoder had gone kaputt, I think I would spend less time in front of the TV.

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