Monday, June 2, 2008

Fuahhhh!! Four years and going!!!!

On Saturday, we celebrated four years with a simple dinner at home.. Well, here's to a lifetime ahead of us!

I remember the week before I got legally married to Michelle. We were rather busy and nervous as final preparations were made to book a date at the registrar of marriage in Petaling Jaya. When the day came, it was our happiest moment.. We signed the papers and that was it! I had to rush down from Malacca to formalise the legal paperwork with my aunt and mother in-law as witnesses.

Alas, the real day came on Dec 19, 2004. We threw a dinner and the rest was history. My wife knows me like a book and best of all, she knows where I keep my knives and how to use them.. *gulp!* Anyways, a woman who loves knives, travel, beer, good food and fishing can be my life partner! *heeheheee!*

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