Thursday, June 12, 2008

Every dog has its day...

Dog meat has long been considered as food in the third world and the nations who consume them are mostly centered in Asia. China is the largest followed by South Korea and Vietnam. Since they breed easily, there is no shortage of supply.

In most cases, consuming this domestic pet is considered as 'inhumane' to many animal lovers. The methods are cruel and well, since I have lived with dogs for a while, this is something that I would shrug - eating dogs for pleasure.

Roald Amundsen, in his quest to the South Pole, ate some of his dogs for sustenance while Robert Falcon Scott perished due to poor planning. Dogs, to Amundsen, provided him with the labour and sustenance which led to his success.

Here in Malaysia, dogs are also consumed in small quantities. There are those who believe in its aphrodisiac qualities while some actually ate them as 'fragrant' meat. With the older generation giving way, there are less people eating dogs. With the exception of foreigners who actually eat domesticated animals like cats and dogs...
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