Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday nite party hangover..

Tropical Equipment's boss Kelvin Yong addressing the crowd
Me, Big D and Lala Cloft

My head felt as if it was pounded by heavy artillery. Yet, I got up and gave the kidz their bath and scooted off to work.

Last nite was a blast! Tropical Equipment, who invited me to their Surefire appreciation nite, threw a lavish party for their dealers and customers.

I met an old friend Ramlan Rafie who happens to be there and is now living in Subang Jaya. And to my surprise, old Bob Anaconda showed up.

There were some familiar faces like Scott Roberts and his wife from Global Aerotech and dealer Eddy Ng of Jaya DIY.

And of course, the highlight was the new toys being shown. Now that I am completely weaned off Surefires, its kinda cool to see the number of users and collectors growing in the Klang Valley. Tropical had survived for five years in the business and I told them that if they need any support, they'll get it cos they are Malaysian. We stand together on this.

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