Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My next camera projek

The new EOS1000D

Its been close to 17 years since my last SLR. And with technology developing so fast, its the digital age now. Cameras cost five times as much compared to the old days and the inflation don't really help.

I am looking at an entry-level D-SLR and my choices have been narrowed down to the Pentax K-20D and Canon EOS 1000D. Both are different animals.

Piont being is that the Pentax demands RM5,000 for its body alone and their lenses are a different story. The Pentax camera is made in the Philippines while Canon still manufactures their cameras in Japan.

I would say that the advantage is clearly on Canon's side because of its cost and effectiveness. Its also field proven.

I'd reckon that the EOS 1000D would cost no less than RM3K as a full kit camera. What I need to stock up - are the lenses, starting with a 24mm, 50mm and perhaps a 180mm to cover all the basic focal lengths.

As for the big apreture lenses, I'd save my money for other things. I guess if I take the EOS 1000D out on a spin, people might shake their heads.

Which reminded me once when I went to Singapore with my wife for a wedding dinner. There was this 'know-it-all' fucktard who said nothing else compares to the f 2.8 lenses.

His statements were retarded and seeing that he is from a well-off family, everyone else are assholes in his line of sight.

Oh, nevermind. I have yet to see his work. All talk, but no action. My conclusion is that self-centred people can be retarded.

Back the topic -- I am counting on my buddy Mr C.H. Loh on his latest intelligence report on the launch of the EOS 1000D.

Hopefully, I can score one and have some real good fun with it! And yeah, its the person behind the camera, not the camera that makes the difference...
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