Sunday, June 22, 2008

What goes around, comes around..

I caught wind from an ex-colleague that one of their supervisors had left the job. Not surprising considering the low mortality rate of the management staff over there. What made it worst, is the said person's inexperience in handling day-to-day affairs.

As a matter of fact, she was brought in by her friend, my ex-boss and sat on the desk to oversee matters. Again, I must stress that in a fast-paced environment at the newsroom, training and experience is an essential factor.

If you have neither, you are as good as lost. What made me sad, was my effort that was put in to make the 'Streets' section going. Rather than managing the section, this said supervisor had exhausted every single story which I had stockpiled.

For her lacking, she put the blame on me. This was raised at an informal meeting with the new section head who took over from my ex-boss. If she had half the brains, it would have been a waste of time to engage in a confrontational way.

My mind was set to leave anyways, so, I asked if she took every accusation literally. She tried to mediate a meeting to resolve the matter which did not materialise. Too bad. My loss, their gain. It was a matter of time for the supervisor because she didn't realise that she was working for the majority - who were racist.

Its also very sad for the person to pick on her own race and bully junior reporters. Alas, the Karma part played its role. What goes around comes around. I think she will find a better job elsewhere. But for the pain inflicted to others, she wouldn't find a piece of mind because that shit-stain on her face will follow her wherever she goes.

That said, good riddence to bad thrash. I hope and pray for the best to the younger set at my old section. May they prosper.
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