Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sayonara Sheares!

The new store at Selegie Road
My buddy Sean in the store's knife section..

I've known the Sheares Marketing guys in Singapore for 10 years. And its time to part ways. They've got too big and I guess the island State's largest knifestore don't need any businesss from across the causeway.

For 10 years, I have been recommending the store to many Malaysians visiting the Republic. But after Saturday's visit, I'd say they can fuck off and kiss my ass. No more referrals.

I am a patient guy and even after visiting their store on Beach Road with all that snubbing treatment, I remained cool by paying the store a few follow-up visits. But now, its a different ball game. They don't need me, I have no need for them. Time to move on with the good times and if there is ever a need to acquire some edged tools, its the internet that will square it off..

I've had enough of dealing with incompetent people..
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