Friday, June 13, 2008

Naughty is turning three..

Naughty is one fiesty buggah!
He inherited my good looks.. *heh-heh!*

Fuahhhhh!!! Its like yesterday when I brought home our pup, a 5-month-old Siberian Husky. Michelle's mum gave us the tip-off about a Sibe for adoption and after studying about the breed thoroughly, I took the bite.

Naughty came to our home a scrawny bugger. He had tick bites and scabs all over his skin and well, was kinda deprived when it comes to feeding. I felt that the pooch was also neglected as a puppy and was glad that he came to our household.

Since the boy was already in his teen dog years when we adopted him, housebreaking was an ease. He is also very active and a coupla times, our escape artist bolted from the house. And as the years had worn down, we got very used to having Naughty, who was formerly known as 'Clifford' at the house.

There was never a dull moment without the pooch. Later, we added Queenie as his playmate and the duo wrecked havoc in our garden. Nevertheless, we love our kidz and here's wishing Sir Naughty a very Happy 3rd birthday! From poppa and momma Samo Claus!
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