Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I long for some adventurin'

Boating in Kenyir - Fuahhhh!!!
I need to take the kidz out
And yeah, I missed the shoostings..

Fuah!!!! Been nearly four months since I started my new job. People here have been very nice and warm. Anywhere is better than the old place. I became a full-time staff after my 'probie' period ended. Thus - opening doors to more avenues. My worry was my health, which was not in its peak form.

Anyways, I got over the physical and mental barrier of three-month's probation and when I was handed my letter of acknowledgement, I was the happiest man on earth. Literally for the second time. I have plenty of old friends at the Star which became a crucial factor.

The job specs are also very different and my learning curve had gone off the wall. It was great to learn and improve whatever skills that I have acquired in the last 15 years as a reporter.

That said, I really long for some adventures like trips into the jungle. Hopefully, I can rig up a trip to Halak or Sedal in Gua Musang sometime in August with the wifey...
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