Monday, June 16, 2008

Alex Ang's new menu...

Oily, but passable - Ang's curry laksa
This one can be improved - the chicken sar hor fun
Chief tester from the Malaysian Institue of Curry Laksa Research - Mrs Samo

Coffee-shop owner Alex Ang has taken his business one step ahead with his new curry mee and sar hor fun stall. He invited me to check out his recipe at Q-up coffee-shop at Goodyear Court 2 in USJ 6.

Ang claimed that no one else in the neighbourhood has his Ipoh ingredients and preparation style. Something which I gladly obliged in trying. I found that the laksa was too oily for my taste and it was not as creamy as I had expected.

As far as the garnishing is concerned, no complaints lah! For taste, I'd say that Ang's curry laksa can match some makan places around the USJ area, but he is far from the stall that I usually eat at Mei Sek coffee-shop in USJ 14.

Compared to Fu Shou Lu (mustachioed man) laksa in USJ 2, I think Ang's laksa can give the guy a run for his money lah! Only thing is that when you want to eat, make sure you get it in 'full blast' with the extra ingredients as well as plenty of sambal.

The hor fun is so-so in my books. Could have been improved. I found the gravy a bit too thick for my taste..
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