Saturday, June 7, 2008

I missed my Grinchskies! `

Queenie and Naughty
Sir Naughty
Dame Queenie
The Grinchskies waiting for their Momma Mrs Samo at home...

Michelle and I have been living with our Siberian Huskies -- Naughty-boy and Queenie for nearly three years. Being away from them is like missing our kids. I hope they are fine cos there has been a spate of dog-napping and theft around the Subang Jaya and Puchong area.

Happyness, is to see the kids wagging their tails and the Coonkid (Queenie got her nickname when her mask was still visible as a pup) browling (barking howl) away when I get home. I have grown very attached to them and consider them my family members.
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