Monday, June 23, 2008

Reaping the seeds you sow..

A forum member at the MKF noted two things : Freedom of speech is not practised and Everyone must be a 'Yes-man' even if it kills. He wanted this included as part of the forum's policy.

How amusing? I have been patient with people and over the years, had learned to control my anger and outbursts when it comes to dealing with stupid people.

Its no doubt that the said person was a respected member at British Blades Forums. That said, old school mentality.

The way I read it, this guy is perhaps an older individual, perhaps in his 40s or 50s. I don't have the details.

He started allright, showcasing some of his leathercraft. Which is okay to see and admire. But when person gets this attitude about 'I eat salt more than you eat rice', other issues arise.

To the old school type, most of his or her opinion is self-centred. I may be wrong. But most of these folks have something about their opinion.

They rather shove into our face rather than retract and apologize. Sometimes, we need to make good of a situation.

I've pondered on this for a while and well, it kinda bugged me. Why be so nice? You give them a yard, the eat up a mile.

Anyways, he got defensive, and backed off by shelling two more one-liners. Its too bad. The forum is now bigger than ever, splits like such do happen. You cannot please everyone.

So, if this wise man has to go, it'll be for his own good. I didn't shoo him off. Instead, I told him to take it easy, have a cigar, a few beers, loosen up and the door is open.

Moral of the story : one man's meat, is another man's poison. You may say that something is good, but its shit to the other man.
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