Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chung festival - June 8

Aahhh.. I remember my por-por ( grandma) and her awesome chung. Fat, oily and tasty. Which explained her demise in the later years due to hypertension. I am half-Hakka, loves pork and fat stuff. It also warded my old man in the hospital when his arteries clogged.

Chung prevented him from smoking - a habit he had indulged for decades. Smoking sucks and smokers blow! Anyways, I've completed an assignment on Chung-making, the commercial way and interviewed an old contact in Puchong. Stingy bugger!

So, tonite, Pat, my mum in-law had invited me to her place to savour some Nonya Chung, her favourite. Speaking of which, I had some pleasant memories of my paternal grandma's Hakka Chung. And I believe that no one else in the universe can make Chung like my late Grannie. It was AWESOME and memories of its tastes is permanently embedded in my brains!
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