Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Piaggio days..

The Gilera Nexus 500
Piaggio's Evo 400

I miss my Piaggio Hexagon. Been two years since it was left as a pile of scrap. For me, the bike was a lifeline, connecting me to work and other places. It also made my wife very anxious each time I ride out with the scoot.

There's this constant fear that my brains and body parts will be used to line the pavement following high incidences of road accidents in Puchong where it was my regular route to work and back to my home in USJ 26.

Earlier this year, I also scrapped my Gilera Runner SP180. It was a post accident bike which was not roadworthy. I only got back about 8% from my cost on the bike and as for the Piaggio Hexagon, it was completely written off.

With fuel prices so high, I wish I was on my Piaggio and Gilera again. And when it comes to making only one choice - it'll be the Gilera Nexus 500 hands-down!
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