Friday, June 20, 2008

Dinner at Ryota's

I scored this double hook-up!
Squid sashimi
My okizuke recpie worked!
Grilled squid fillet..

I've made a deal with Ryota Hazishume. Squid for sake. And he honours every word. The squid sashimi was awesome! And needless to say, I passed my test with the okizuke (squid preserved in sake, mirin and shoyu).

Mrs Samo too, was happy with the fine presentation - squid tempura, kaarage, sashimi and the okizuke. The only thing that pisses me off, was some freeloaders who hung out at the bar, who was talking cock all the time.

Oh, anyway, I am looking forward to my next outing in mid-July which is our last session for the year...
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