Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well, whaddaya know??

I was having coffee with my buddy CM at Mid Valley Garden's Starbucks. We were chatting about some office stuff and while we were at it, lo and behold!

An ex-supervisor at my old section had appeared with a bunch of faggots at the counter. She tried to be evasive and hid behind a larger fruit cake. I watched from a distance as the lady slowly eased herself away. Guilt perhaps?

This was the same turd-knocker who quit my old workplace last week. Seems that with her days numbered, all her bad deeds had caught up. Its poetic justice.. Anyways, this retard made her way to the smoking section with her back facing the door.

Way I see it, power corrupts and authority had turned this woman into a retarded person. Her lack of experience in the newsroom was her downfall. Funny to know that people who are loud and utterly useless are the ones that run the show. They get in through their connection and are usually short-stint employees.

Anyways, I am glad to be out of the loop, starting over a new life in a place which I am farmiliar with. But my senses tells me that I will bump into more of my ex-boss' cronies near the Menara where an on-line publication is being housed. Who might the be?

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