Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday's doggy bash...

Me and the kidz
Michelle and the Coonkid
Naughty getting special attention from Mrs Chong

Man, I am still tired from Sunday's outing. Mainly lethargy and the lack of sleep. I had a blast and I guess Michelle felt the same and so did the kidz.

We hungout at One Utama's Central Park for nearly half the day and when we got home, the kidz were already zonked out.

Nothing much to do but to unload, unpack and upload the photos taken. I snapped more than 300 shots on the camera. Some not so great, one or two memorable shots.

They were posted on the Husky Forums. Anyways, I was glad to find out that my boy has no German Sherpard blood cos I really saw one that looks exactly like a GSD with Siberian Husky markings.

Mystery still surrounds the origin of Clifford @ Sir Naughty. Queenie the Coonkid on the other hand, was having a ball making friends with the other pooches. She was ravaged by one of the male dogs nearing the end of the event.

Now that the dust had settled, I can look forward to a break before the next outing in August...
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