Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Zip-Vac Outdoorsman kit has arrived!

Fuahhhhhhh!!! Finally!!!! My barang just arrived in two boxes! Thanks to Sistah T from the USN who volunteered to get it for me! It came rather late, so, I will use it to pack squids on my July 19 trip.

I am amazed with the solidly built electric and manual pump. Now, all I need, is to get a step-down AC converter so that I can charge the electric pump's built-in battery. As for the manual one, no problems!

I also got some quart and gallon bags. But after seeing some really cool fillet and jumbo bags, I now menggatal to score them for the trip! With that said and done, I can look forward to some fresh squid sashimi for dinner!
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