Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lovely Tuesday..

Oh boy! Time flies. I recall leaving the house early this morning and making my way to the Shell petrol
station at Jalan Damansara to fill up.Then the whole day started to light up when my boss called me to coordinate an assignment for the
reporters. This is where experience kicked in. A few phone calls, getting the photographer briefed and fingers
crossed.And at the end of the day, they landed the story. The rest is 'wait and see'. Meanwhile, during lunch break, I
sneaked out to the PJ New Town to do my banking chores.What pissed me off, was the cash deposit machine at EON bank that had gone kaputt. My car loan was
stalled because of this. Well, the bills did came as a surprise this month. I am expected to be pounded and floored. The only thing I
can look forward to this month, is the bonus payout on Dec 20. It's going to be pro-rated, but hey,
something is better than nothing...
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