Saturday, December 27, 2008

Top 3 worse - people

Ah, I am on a roll. Okay, here's my top 3 annoying people list:

1. Alpha males.

Nothing could be worse than being in a crowd where everyone is an Alpha Male. They dominate conversations, impose their opinion on others and deemed themselves as 'always right'. Yes, Alpha Male sucks! Majorly. There are alphas at work, at play and even when you die, you end up in eternal damnation with alpha males. So, how does one spot an alpha? Very easy. You see a group of males in conversation, the guy who tried the hardest to hold court and kept on talking and talking and talking like a Duracell bunny on heat - that's the man. At work, the alpha male wants to dominate you. Everything he says is right. If he's wrong, its only natural. So, I spotted one at work who nags and nags and nags like an old lady. And he could do no wrong. Thank God he is retiring in 2009!
2. Annoying relatives

I am not lucky when it comes to relatives. My cousins are from another planet. In my vocabulary, they do not exist. They screwed up and their mother wanted me to get them a job. When their father was alive, I was convinced that God really existed when the Demon brood arrived. Yes, cousins from hell. And when it comes to extended relatives, I do have a pariah for a brother in-law. My auntie protect him in the beginning, but after she found out that he is a Demon among us, her perception this son in-law of hers changed. I only see the bugger once a year - which I think - is enough. As for the in-law's side, I came across some really retarded young people. First of all, one of them thought he IS the GREATEST. Not till Chinese New Year this year, I saw him humbled before the toilet bowl. Everything that he said was emptied inside. Moral of the story, if you cannot drink and hold your liquor, stay on diet coke. This guy is RETARDO NUMERO UNO in my books. There are also other cousins of my wife that are equally retarded. They are not worth my time.

3. Networking people.

I left school 25 years ago. It was a great place. I learned that in life, your future is shaped by some major and crucial decisions you make. Not by others. The school, in my opinion, is a block of brick and mortar. Nothing more. That said, I never made it a point to go for school or classroom reunions. All my friends from the schooling era are now in their late 30s. A couple of them died.
As for peers, I am glad to have known them. They never became a part of my life though at one point, I use to hang out with some.
People grow up, life goes on. I don't see the point in living up the past. What is done, is done. So, that said, it annoys me to see a bunch middle aged men saying: "The school this, the school that, the school this and that, the school this, that and the other..." Rule of thumb - never do business with your friends and ex-schoolmates. They impose emotional blackmail on you. Never depend on your friends because when you fucked up majorly, no one is going to come forth and help you. They always think that you are after their money..
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