Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Responsible dealers

I was at an outfitters yesterday and while browsing through the shelves, I saw an automatic folding knife.
There is no mistake about it because it has a safety and a push-button. I asked the sales assistance if I can take a look at it, she obliged.
When I held it, it was very solid. I depressed its plunge lock and de-activated the folder. Then, with a push of a button, it went 'thwack!'.
I lowered my voice and told one of the co-owners of the shop that it is illegal to sell autos. 
She acknowledged and said that the knives were consingned and that the importer had no idea about it.
Then she came back with something rather bizzare. I was told that fixed blades above six inches are also illegal.
I told her it's not. There is no benchmark in legal length and what she quoted was the US law for legal carry.
Many dealers who sells knives do not know what they are getting themselves into. And the lawmakers here are also at lost because there are three agencies that oversees it.
First, there's the Internal Security Ministry (KKDN) the parent body to the Police and Customs Department.
The ministry sets the guidelines, Customs make sure that autos do not reach our shore and the Police prosecute those who break the law.
It is simple and straight forward. But yet, due to the grey area on trade description, some cheap autos made it through.
And what I noted here, is the fact that dealers do not like to be told that they have done something wrong.
That is the sad part. I have been disappointed many times over this and the only drastic solution here - is to have all the knives seized. 
It pays to know the law and what are our limitation. Sometimes, people push their luck without realising the danger they pose to others.
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