Saturday, December 27, 2008

My cellphone rang after lunch time. It was a number registered in Petaling Jaya. A male voice on the end of
the line asked: "Are you so, so, and so?".I told him: "Yes". Then he asked: "have you settled your ASTRO bill?". I said: "no". He reminded me to do
so. I told him: "I will when I get back my faulty decoder".Since my home has been without cable TV for a nearly a week, I can sense that there is plenty of gloom
and feeling of restlessness.Why? Because we don't have cable TV. The caller asked me why I did not settle the bill. I told him that I
would do so only when the repair is done and at the mean time, they are free to freeze the service.Whether you watch you cable TV or not, the meter ticks. I think its only fair that when everything is fine
again, I pay the bill.As a matter of fact, the collection company - I believe that ASTRO has been outsourced, had been notified
about the repair. Everything for that matter, was outsourced. So, what is the alternative with the absense of cable TV? I
guess if paying for something that I am not getting is the issue, all there is left to do, is to repair the
damaged serial cable slot for the terrestrial TV. Best of all, it's free.So, at the meantime, the bastards at ASTRO would have to wait till I get my cable TV decoder repaired.
Till then, they can kiss my ass!
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