Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home alone..

I made a blunder today. Thought it was a public holiday. So, there I was, driving along to the workplace and made a detour to McDonalds to grab an egg McMuffin and a cup of coffee for breakfast.
Despite all that, I arrived early and boy it was chilly! My Woolrich Algerian jacket came in handy as I went through my morning report.Then the bosses came in and we sat down to plan the stories to go for the rest of the day.
In a week's time, it will be my turn to take helm of the desk as the bosses are on their annual leave break.My wife called at about 6:15pm to tell me that she had fed the kidz and that everything was allright.
She will be away in Melbourne, Australia for at least 10 days. Hopefully, she would pick up our doggy backpacks and have some fun with her friends.
I wished I could join her, but the situation back here couldn't allow it.For the rest of the week, it would be me alone and the kidz, that said, there are plenty to be done like chores and such, so, let's just see how I would fare..
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