Friday, December 26, 2008

A new set of wheels!

Two years and seven hundred and eighty ringgit later, my lil car had finally gotten what it had deserved - tire change and new brake pads.
The Myvi had taken me to many places and is a bread and butter vehicle. I got it with some help from my wife and waited for a year before I could sink my claws on it.
So, 2006 was indeed a big deal. After a long break, I got a my wheels again! I found that the tires are thinning and the rear left piece was partially deflated. 
Some road debris was the cause. This morning, I took the car to a reliable service centre at USJ 19 to get the tire change done.
And at the same time, change its engine lube, clean the air filter and bla-bla-bla. The foreman who removed the tire rims told me that the break pads are also worn out. 
It costs about RM70 for the whole set, so, why not? The owner of the service centre seemed to be a decent guy. 
All four tires, which are wider costs about RM155 a piece. 
This whole exercise cost me dearly, but since I depend a lot on the car to commute as well as ferry the dogs - it's justified.
Come April 2009, the Perdua Myvi will be three years old. Another year, more expenses. I am glad to have the tire change cos its already gone way past its due date...
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