Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The gloom before Christmas..

Christmas is just around the corner and with the looming economic downturn, people are still shopping.
I don't see any slowdown at all at the computer retail outlet. Had lunch at Bukit Bintang with a contact this afternoon and well, while I was making my way out, I snucked
out to Low Yat Plaza.
Seems that there is a price war. External hard drives at 320GB are selling at RM250. Two years ago, this meager sum is unheard of.Even 2GB thumbdrives are selling at RM11 a piece. This is unbelievable.
As the school holidays are drawing to a close, I can see secondary school pupils scrambling to get their computer pheriperals.
Laptops too have gone down in price. Starting from RM1,500 a piece and there is no shortage of
Netbooks as well.
The low pricing factor is a boost to the local economy and as more electronics firm are laying off due to oversupply and the lack of demand, we can expect some cheap stuff.
All I see, was prices going down. Like I said before and I will say it again - we are getting ripped off everyday.
If the traders cannot sell, they spiral into a downturn. That's where your cash is king and whoever that is loaded with it, has the last say.
As for the impending doom which is forcasted for 2009, its a 'wait and see' situation. I guess if you don't have high expectations, this will pass.
While I am still able, I will work towards my goals. It is predicted that some 1.4 million people in Malaysia will be out of jobs by the second quarter of next year.
In adverse times, some people thrive while others slip into the oblivion. I don't give a rat's ass if some rich bugger lost his BMW, house mortgage and his entire life savings. Shit happens.
He can join the queue and start all over again. After all, he had it good, so, when times are bad, he had to work like everyone else or perish.
If you fall, you must pick yourself up and get on with life. In an uncertain future, there are no
When this kicks in, you rely purely on your survival instincts.That's why it is important to have skills.
I think my family and I will endure this and we if work hard enough, the good times is ours for the taking.
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