Saturday, December 27, 2008

The New Year resolution...

It is that time in the year to draw up some resolutions. First, less drinking in 2009. Yes. I have been a
naughty boy.Mrs Samo threw me out of the bedroom on many occassions. And to conserve cash, less beers ought to
set things right.And since I have less beer buddies - one just had an angioplasty - and some died, I do not have anymore
excuses to come home late from work or well, attend parties where there is free-flow booze.That said, I might live a little longer!Next on the list: Less fatty food. Yes, I have been a glutton and a slob. I want to shed the pounds cos my
doctor told me to do so. More fibre and lean meat. Have to do this.Attend the USN Gathering in Vegas, US. Yeah, it's time to travel. I want to go to a real knife show. And I
must save up! So far, these are my three resolutions. I think I can do it. Yeah!
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