Monday, December 1, 2008

A simple folding knife..

My paired knives - a fixed blade and the Green folder
The locking side of the blade
This knife is very special to me..

In a complicated world that we live in, simplicity is the best. No fuss, just plain logic. To put it in perspective - such were the words befitting enough to describe my new folding knife.
It was made by Lawmaker Will Zermeno who is a part time knifemaker in Texas. I came to know the man some years back when he helped send some catalogs over to me from the US.
Little did I know that Will had a knack for the grinder and as time goes by, my acquaintaince with him rekindled when I commissioned him to make me a Damascus fixed blade knife.
Later, I corresponded with him and asked if he could make me a folding knife. The answer was 'yes' and it didn't take that long for the knife to arrive in KL from Houston, Texas.
Despite being pounded by Hurricaine, Will continued to work on the knife at his own leisure. 
And at USD$100 a piece, I marvelled at his workmanship. Although the titanium frame lock was rather thin and flimsy, I think the blade would hold up because it locks solid.
Opening of the blade from folded to deployed position was silky smooth. With a soft click, the blade is at the ready.
I am amazed by two things of his blade. First, the rounded spine. This is something you won't find on most handmade folders.
Although the finish was crude, nevertheless, this is a working knife. So, I don't really place much emphasis on its aesthetics.
The second thing which I found amazing on this lil green knife, is it's handles. Its polished G10 thermoplastics. 
This is one of the toughest plastic on earth and it was well-finished. The next knife project that I am looking forward to, is a damascus bladed flipper with liner lock and titanium bolsters.. 
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