Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lunch at Ah Koo's

Char mai fun or fried vermecelli
Ah Koo and the kidz
The boy, at my old house gate..

My aunt raised me like her own son. For that, I am deeply indebted to her. No matter what she says, good or bad, I love this woman. 
She's nearing her 70s are is living alone at her home in Setapak. Each month, I make an effort to visit her.
What I enjoy most - is her cooking. Ah Koo cooks with her heart and I must say that she does not compromise good food with low quality ingredients.
Her signature dish is the Yong Tau Foo. I have eaten plenty, but none can measure up to my aunt's cooking.
Today, I brought the kidz over and had a simple lunch. We caught up and talked about day-to-day living issues. 
After a hearty meal, I hit the road on a 40-minute drive back to Subang Jaya from Setapak...
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