Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A little bit of kindness

I had an interesting evening yesterday. The company issued shopping vouchers again from Xmas, so I
took the cue to stock up my pasta and foodstuff.When I parked my car at Bandar Puteri's Giant, I noticed a cellphone on the road. Someone might have
accidentally dropped it.After I was done with my shopping, I made a call to a number listed on the cell. A guy answered and I told
him that I picked up the phone at the parking lot.I asked if he knew the owner. He said yes. Ten minutes later, the cellphone rang. It was the voice of a male
who asked me where he could pick up the phone. I gave him specific instructions and in less-than 15 minutes, the phone rang again. I saw a Chinese couple,
the guy had tinted hair and his girl, probably the owner, wore blue contact lenses.She was very thankful that I found and returned her cellphone. I waved at her as a gesture that all is well
and took off.That kinda summed up my day. It felt good to see a smile on the girl's face. I bet she musta been anxious
about her loss earlier.
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