Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nine months on the Food Trail

Wah! I can't believe it. My food column may be getting revenue from a manufacturer. This was related to
me my a colleague over breakfast."Hey bradder, I good good news, people have noticed you and a familiar brand wanted to collaborate with
you on the food stories." I was elated. And at the same time, relieved with the fact that people actually read my stuff. Prior to my stint
at The Star, I told Michelle, my wife that I would show the old workplace the way things should be done. Seems like my nine months of hardwork had finally paid off. The 'Food Trail' column took shape in March
this year. My first story being a piece on Lebuh Ampang. Gradually, I moved on to cover many major spots in the KL
city centre.Later, I spread the trail to PJ and parts of the City fringe area. With my last piece written for 2008, I hope to
improvise with more places around the Klang Valley in my 2009 list.
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