Monday, December 15, 2008

The Will Zermeno perfection...

My collection from Will Zermeno
The Damascus folder and CPM-154 variant
These knives are affordable as they are good!

It has always been my life-long dream to own a piece of Damascus folding knife. I've been searching around and frankly, many of them are overpriced.
Then, I came to know lawmaker William D Zermeno or Will as he is endearingly known on the Usual Suspect Network.
He helped me with some request some years back and recently, I found out that he had started making knives.
I requested for a folder to be made for daily use and he delivered. Initially, my first order was a framelock folding knife. 
When I received it, I wasn't too happy with the thickness of the frame. But seeing as it is, Will had just started making them, so, for me, its also a learning curve.
Then, I asked if he could make me the same knife - this time, with a damascus blade. He obliged and the wait wasn't long.
I picked up the package and was blown away with his craftsmanship. A budding knifemaker who is new in the scene, Will's work is astonishing as his prices are inexpensive. 
I see him as an up and coming maker with plenty of potential. The designs can be improved and I guess in due time, Mr Zermeno will join the ranks of the top tactical knifemakers in the US.
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