Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Netbook upgrade

In: the HP Mini 1000
Surrendered to mrs Samo: the Asus eeepc 4G

I've upgraded my netbook from the Asus eeepc 4G to the HP mini 1000. After much research and comparing it to three of its closest rivals namely: the Lenovo S10, Acer One and Asus eeepc 1000H, I'd decided to go for the HP.
Price wise - its one of the hottest deals around town. HP topples the other three brands with their sleek and stylish design.
I like the HP mini 1000 for two reasons: its low-profile looks and design. There are no shiny parts and yucky colours like those offered by ASUS, Lenovo and Acer. 
Speed wise, its a much desired improvement from its predecessor, the HP mini-note 2133. Which is silver in colour and has a magnesium-alloy casing. 
I also read an on-line review on ZDnet which reaffirmed by decision. There's much to like on this little bugger like its large keyboard, just like the ones you find on a notebook.
It's 10.2" came in really handy. It provides plenty of eye relief and the resolution is also sharp. It helps a lot! Believe me!
Compared to the Asus eeepc 4G, the HP Mini 1000 is a quantum leap. Many of the feature I wished the eeepc has can be found on the HP netbook.
The keyboard for starters, is a vast improvement. I have large mitts and found it cumbersome to type on the scaled-down keys on the eeepc.
So, when Asus came out with their eeepc 1000H, I was very tempted to upgrade. But I waited as new stuff appears on my radar.
The Mini 1000 also provided some comfort I found on my Toshiba M-500 laptop. It runs on Windows XP, which is a scaled down version. So, no complaints. 
My only beef with this netbook are two things. First, the odd touchpad layout. Not easy to use unless if you have three fingers on each hand. If you are mutated, then it'll be fine.
Next, the webcam on the HP Mini 1000 sucks. I tried the Asus eeepc 4G webcam and this is one of the best around. 
That said, I think I am gonna have a fruitful relationship with my new netbook. It will be an EDC item in my sling bag... 
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