Wednesday, December 3, 2008

End of an era

It's final. Some guys are going. The corporation is axing at least a dozen people who came back to work
after they retired.The contract folks are packing up. I felt kinda bad for one of them because he had his employment contract
extended only for a month. He too felt rather bad, but I guess with his skills and experience, he can get part-time work anywhere
easily. I think the 'Economic Doomsday' @ Great Depression II is taken rather seriously. For what you know, it
would just be a big hype like the Y2K. Some asshole out there is making money by handing out predictions
of doom. Way I see it, if you have everything to gain from an artificial and superficial way of making money, then you
are on a losing streak.I never dabble with the share market or any funny-money deals to strike it rich, so, I guess I don't really have
to worry much about the so-called 'bleak' future.Its great when you have money to spend. That's the purpose of paper currency. It sucks when you are sick
or dead cos you can't spend your money.Come what may, I will my life as usual and I guess we'll have to see what lurks ahead. As for the old timers
who got axed, my thoughts and prayers goes out to them.
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