Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Silent night...

This year's Christmas, just like the years before - will be a quiet affair. Last night, my wife suggested a
last-minute shopping trip to the nearest supermarket. But our efforts were hampered by heavy rain. I told her that it was no-go and chilled out at our living room
before we hit the sack.It will be a light affair and as I see it, our Christmas gift this year, was a smooth run without any untowardly
incidents. Well, so far, so good.Our dogs are also getting older. This is Sir Clifford McNaughty's third Christmas with the Samo as well as
Dame Queenie's.Since we don't believe in splurging cash unecessarily, we are expected to hole in at home with a simple
dinner and a quiet evening. And our cable TV decoder is still out of commission, so, with that factored-in, the evening is even going to
be slower than ever.The only thing I can look forward to, is an outing to the Gasing Hills with our kidz in Christmas day, and
hopefully, the weather will hold.
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