Thursday, December 18, 2008

Four years ago, today...

Michelle and I threw a dinner at the Petaling Jaya Hilton. We hosted more than 400 people - guests, friends and relatives. 
Our days of being single ended when we exchanged our wedding rings seven months earlier. 
I asked Michelle for her hand because she can put up with my shit. She accepted me as a flawed person. 
This was the part where she made a big sacrifice. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and a soulmate. 
For me, it was more than what I could ask for because she loves the outdoors, carries a multi-tool, wears a hard hat and is a very sensitive and caring person.
Any woman who can help me skin a civet cat, dress terrapins and cook it for lunch, prepare frog legs tempura is the perfect companion. I found that in Michelle. 
To date, we shared four years of marriage without any major bust-ups. We had our ups and downs, but are very civil enough to weed things out.
I love my wife very much for what she is. She never bugged me for shopping money, diamond rings, drag me to the make-up counter or attend glamour parties. 
So, here's to you my wifey! I lift my beer mug and toast to many-many happy years to come...  
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