Thursday, June 16, 2011

CDM Dahons

The controversial Curl - now a 20" ride available only in China

Dahon China's Ecosmo - a cute single speed bike

The Dove is as cute as it sounds... 
Here are some Dahon China Domestic Model folding bikes that you will never see on the shelves in Malaysia.
High on the list is the controversial Dahon Curl that is likened to the Brompton folding bicycle of the UK.
Since Brompton's folding technology is patented, the engineers and designers at Dahon were looking at ways to avoid infringing Brompton's patent.
But before they put the bicycle into production, some dude in Taiwan actually came up with their version called the Flamingo.
I'm not going into the details as this is a highly debatable issue.
There are at least a dozen different models of folding bikes in Dahon China's line-up and most of them are produced with entry-level components.

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