Thursday, June 9, 2011

Upgraded Dahon Curve D3

Upgraded: The 2009 Curve D3

Biologic ergonomical grips

Selle Royal's E-Bike seat

Cateye Reflex Auto rear light

Topeak bottle cage
Michelle's Dahon Curve D3 folding bicycle had undergone an upgrade.
First, I ditched the 'jellybean' grips on the bike's handlebar and replaced it with a Biologic grip.
This is a much better set of grips with plenty of comfort to offer for long-duration rides.
Next, I've added a Topeak bottle cage on the frame.
This eliminates the need for lugging a Camelbak hydration pack for the short duration rides.
As the Curve D3 is equipped with a rear luggage rack, I've also added a Cateye Auto Reflex light.
This is by far, one of the best safey lighting system and at RM90 a pop, good things don't come cheap.
Unseen is the Cateye Velo cyclometer (now, repackaged as the 'Urban'), which is one of the best entry-level wireless gadgets around.
And lastly, I've also transferred the Selle Royal Premium E-bike saddle from my Dahon Speed P8 to the Curve D3.
I think this would suite Michelle very well. I tested the saddle last week and found that the angle adjustment may be totally off as my balls were sore after a 20km ride.
To remedy the ball-busing issue, I've acquired the Selle Royal Ergo-Gel plug in series saddles..
Another upgrade on the Curve D3 which is yet to be implemented is the 20" rear luggage rack.
This is slightly higher than the stock-standard rack that came with the 2009 Curve D3.
I've figured out a way to rig it up and hope that this would be able to accommodate the Ortlieb frontroller panniers...
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