Monday, June 13, 2011

No kidding!

The monster-ride next Monday

It has to be done: Klang - Teluk Intan recce route for future programmes
A few scores and many moons ago, I interviewed a single-handed sailor who invited me to join him on his ocean racer from Port Klang to Langkawi.
He said: "It doesn't matter if I don't complete the voyage. What's important is the fact that I get to the starting line because by doing so, I've already succeeded..."
In the months to come, I carried a daily report about his attempt to sail East-West-East which has never been attempted before.
Everything came to a halt when his boat was knocked down while he was crossing the Southern Ocean in mid-April, 1999.

It was through his misfortune that I get to travel halfway around the world to meet him and conduct a follow-up interview.
What motivated me: was his mindset.
He was all out to complete his mission and did just that by crossing the finish line in Langkawi in August that year.
The rest was history.
So, what did I learn? The Malay phrase: "Perlahan-lahan kayuh.." which is the adage made famous by the Hare and Tortoise race.
Fast-forward to now - I have six days off and I am not going to waste it by banging balls at home.
That said, I am going ahead with my plan to tour from Klang to Teluk Intan.
Maybe I can improvise the route, what has to be done, has to be done..
The sailor dude, although no longer in plain sight, he taught me to get started and just do it..
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