Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock-bottom price!

Dahon Jetstream XP- circa 2007-2009
I received a phone call today from my buddy Ah Pan.
He was very excited and asked if I want to join him on making a bulk order for the Dahon Jetstream XP.
"Eh, Sam ah! I can get the XP for RM3.8K lah! We are ordering a few!"
Well, obviously, my friend was unaware that there are only two Dahon Jetstream EX that is coming into the country and shipment is expected to hit the shore sometime in mid-july.
He may have heard it wrong.
But, I am also told by my source that a batch of Dahon Jetstream P8s would be shipped in from a neighbouring country.
This might be the correct info.
The Jetstream XP was marketed in 2007 and improvised in 2009. From 2010 onwards, the Jetstream EX had replaced the XP with some minor improvements.
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