Monday, June 27, 2011

Putrajaya Interpark Ride series 09 - Part 01

Cyclists crossing the dam's bridge

Historic occassion: riding across the reservoir

The Samos on the move....
Its great to back at Putrajaya's Interparks ride.
In series 09, cyclists were taken to Precinct 6 where the Putrajaya International Convention Centre is located.
We made a beeline to the event's location on Saturday morning and started as early as 06:30am.
It rained cats and dogs and searching for the flag-off venue was not easy.
Earlier, the organizers had made an announcement on the change of location through facebook, which was not an issue to us.
We arrived early and ended up at the Putrajaya Equestrian park.
Michelle argued that it was the location, I told her that it was the Taman Empangan, so, to save time arguing, we went back on the road and located the actual place.
The morning rain did not damper scores of cyclists who made their way to the ride.
There, we met David Foong and his wife Jessica with their Dahon Speed P8s who also got lost trying to get to the starting line.
We set up our 16" Dahons and joined the rest of the crowd before the flag-off...
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