Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raleigh Folding i8

I was cruising around the bike area at Tukang Basikal Fook Sang in Sungai Way and found a few Raleigh i8s lying around.
These are the latest batch of folding bikes ever to hit the scene from one of the oldest known bicycle brand in Malaysia.
Before there were all those fancy-schmancy brands, there's Raleigh.
They've kind of vanished from the scene in the 90s and had recently made a comeback.
The first few Raleighs that I've noticed were some mountain bikes and roadies priced from RM400 - RM3K.
The Raleigh i8 retails for a little of RM1k, and Fook Sang sells them for about RM900 a pop.
And one of the best bargains is in Taman Sri Serdang, South of Kuala Lumpur where you can sweep up an i8 for RM760.
Everything on this bike is basic.
They give you cheap components and if you are serious about jazzing it up, the gearset and crankshaft can be easily upgraded...
On the whole, the i8 is a decent beginner's foldie with a bang for the buck!
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