Monday, June 27, 2011

Putrajaya Interpark Ride series 09 - Part 02

Joining the flock

Combined group photo with the Folding Bike Specialist riders

Godzilla meets Mini Mouse: The crash in front of MOF in Putrajaya
Some leftist described the ride around Putrajaya as 'a trip to the Neo-Facists' Disneyland'.
Well, like it or not, this place is a well-organised city which is also clean and well-maintained.
We had no issues cycling all the way to the Equestrian park where a group photo was taken with the riders.
This time round, there were plenty of newbies.
Among the familiar faces were some buddies I made from and a large rider who never misses a single ride.
I have plenty of respect for him as he made it all the way. This guy is inspiring.
On newbies, well, there were some really unpleasant situations where guys had overtaken a single file and some idiots showing off their prowess on two wheels were picked up by the event's support truck.
While I was cycling towards the last five kilometres, I noticed a young girl, probably no more than 13 years old zig-zagging.
My hunch was that she will crash and right there before my eyes, she crashed into an older dude.
It was like driving a Mini mouse bike into Godzilla on a tricycle.
And just like that, they fell to the ground.
Since I was riding behind them, I set down my Dahon Curve SL and helped them.
And while I was at it, I shot a video and some still of the action.
One of their friends, a retard wearing an orange shirt shouted: "Jangan ambil gambar.. " (no pictures).
I set down my camera and moved the lightly damaged bike to the side and asked if the older dude was okay.
He seemed disorientated and an ambulance which was parked nearby had rushed to scene.
The first responder treated them and I was on my way.
Moral of the story: Keep your eyes on the road and if you are riding on the street for the first time: Be mindful of other people as well.
Michelle was waiting at the finish line as we completed a 23.5km ride on our Dahons.
On the whole, the ride was well-organised.
But the actions of selfish idiots may yield some unpleasant experience.

The next ride is on July 16 - which is a night ride...
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