Monday, June 20, 2011

Sabak Bernam - Teluk Intan ride part 02

The iconic leaning tower of Teluk Intan

We made it!

Back to the Samo mobile!
Thirty-six kilometers is a decent distance between Sabak Bernam and Teluk Intan.
We've done pretty well despite a short setback when David's rear tire was punctured.
Before we knew it, we were already near the Lumut and Sitiawan junction.
Basically, we were riding along the lower reaches of the Perak river.
With just 7km left, the sight of Kim Craft vessel fabricator brought back a lot of pleasant memories.
This was the place where I once fished for Udang Galah.
Its all faded in the past and I rode closer towards town, David and Jessica was far ahead.
Riding full load with 10kgs of gear on both sides on the rear can really slow you down.
I also factored-in the 40km ride the previous day and sleep deprivation.
When you are bonked, cycling long distance under heat and humidity can really dampen your efforts.
I did told the couple that if they need to break, they should pull over in a shaded place and rest.
That said, I am happy to report that they were very cooperative.
With Teluk Intan in plain sight, the town was literally jam-packed with people. Traffic jam in the town square didn't help either.
We made our way to the iconic leaning tower of Teluk Intan and snapped a couple of shots for our records.
Later, I led the couple to Mastan Ghani mee rebus where we had an early lunch.
After spending nearly an hour in town, we cycled back to Sabak Bernam.
It was already past noon and as the sun was really baking the roads, we inched our way back and made a few stops along the way.
After passing Hutan Melintang, we stopped at a mamak restaurant and had some drinks.
From this point, it was a 17.5km push back to Sabak Bernam.
We rode all the way, pulling over to cool down before reaching a Malay store and stopped there for some fruit juices.
I told David and Jessica that if they train regularly, they are ready to tour.
And its up to them to formulate a feasible baggage hauling system as they would need it for some extended trips.
At 74km, they could be proud of doing a round-trip and experience what a light tour was all about.. 


Total distance: 74.3km
Average speed: 17km
Top speed: 46km
Duration of ride: 4hrs 2minutes
Total number of time stopped: 12
Number of puncture: 1

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