Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A clarification from Josh Hon on his new venture

"Hi everybody,

Those of you who have been on this forum from the early days know me as Dahon Tech. I've made some great friends and had wonderful conversations here. It's been amazing to be part of this vibrant Dahon community which has really helped nourish my enthusiasm for the next great product.
The reports of me leaving Dahon are inaccurate - I continue to help manage a company called Dahon & Hon Industrial Labs, otherwise known as Dahon Global, which has for almost twenty years been responsible for the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of Dahon bikes worldwide.

But it is true that the Global team has something new to focus its energies on and going forward will no longer be working with our Chinese factory, otherwise known as Dahon China. Unfortunately, my father David Hon, manages this operation. So Dahon going forward will be very different from Dahon in the past. It's an unfortunate situation, as you can well imagine, but it was the right decision.

We've been working on some stuff that we're very excited about and we are pretty confident that you'll share our excitement.

We've invited Thor over to Taiwan for our global brand launch (along with the most of the media from the cycling world) so we'll have more information shortly. "

Stay tuned.

I plucked this from the Dahon Rider's Forum today. Its good to know that Josh cares about the situation and had clarified the issue. Everything I've heard was based on industry rumours.
And Thorsten Schaette is one lucky dude because he'll be travelling to Taiwan to witness the new company set up by Josh...
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