Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh wow!

These are the most expensive rubber and plastic products around..
I purchased a Garmin Edge 800 performance bundle for my birthday and have yet to use this awesome GPS-enabled cycling navigational and training tool.
Lately, I found that my ageing Garmin Oregon 300 has been packing too much beating. 
Its a handheld outdoors GPS unit which I have been using for my Food Trail assignments as well as travels on my Dahon Speed P8 folding bike around the country.
The Garmin Edge800 is a worthy replacement of the Oregon as it was specifically built for bicycles. Its also an upgrade from the Edge705 GPS which is very popular.
So, having thought of swapping the units between my bikes, the only thing that would hold it together is a bicycle mount. 
I had no luck at all in getting these gadgets as they are very rare and expensive in Kuala Lumpur.
The last time I bought a bicycle mount for my Oregon 300, I found in Klang and another in Plaza Low Yat.
That said, I've asked a local dealer on the pricing for the Edge 800's mount and was quoted RM280 for it. This sells on Garmin's on-line store for USD$9.99 (you get two sets)
Fucking ridiculous! That's almost a fraction of the cost for the GPS unit itself.
The dealer floored some excuses and after hearing his justification for the price, I told him that it was simply outrageous!
So, the only choice I had, was giving Perfect Watch in Singapore a call. 
They have it for a fraction of the price, but it was out of stock.
Then, I called Hoan enterprise in Sim Lim tower and was told by Mr Yeoh, the owner that they have a piece in stock for SG$25 (RM61).
That was it. I quickly sealed the deal.
Now, I can swap the Edge800 on my Speed P8 and Dahon Curve SL

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