Monday, June 20, 2011

Sabak Bernam - Teluk Intan ride part 01

My 2009 Dahon Speed P8 rigged with an ortlieb frontroller pannier set

Crossing the bridge over the Bernam river on the Selangor - Perak border

Downtime: Handling a puncture
For the record, Michelle and I have covered quite distance on Selangor's coastal roads.
The most interesting long-haul ride was from Kuala Selangor to Sabak Bernam.
We turned back and rode some 133.2km in a single day.
I've planned a follow-up from Klang to Teluk Intan, but the plan had fell short as the timing had really sucked.
On the morning of the ride, Michelle had to drop out due to a flu.
I proceeded with the plan with novice cyclists David Foong and his wife Jessica.
So far, I've rode with them twice and found the couple to be pleasant and at the same time - very solid.
They were able to keep up and best of all, their Dahon Speed P8s are constantly 'evolving'.
During the ride, both came with their souped-up tires which lend a really sleek and low-profile look.
David was trying out new things for his bike and rigged a touring bag rack fashioned from a child seat on his downtube.
Everything had worked out as planned as we rode out from Sabak Bernam's police station as the starting point.
We cycled for three kilometers before climbing a bridge linking Sabak Bernam towards the Perak border.
Half-way through, I heard a flapping sound and was concerned with Jessica whom I was sweeping.
David pulled over to the side of the road as his rear tire had experienced a puncture.
Upon closer inspection, a piece of snail shell resembling and arrow head was wedged on the tire wall, causing a flat.
I laid down my Dahon Speed P8 and worked on the mending the puncture with my recovery kit.
After peeling off the inner tube, I found a 2mm tear on the tube and patched it.
But after inflating the tire, air was leaking out.
It was after a second inspection that I noticed a small area with minute tear caused by the sharp snail's shell.
Without puncture protection, the tire is as good as gone.
At this point in time, I used my experience in patching up the puncture and putting the bike back on the road.
Our mission was to get to the nearest bicycle shop to change the inner tube.
In long-hauls, a million things can go wrong on the road.
And while we are at it, its best to take preventive measures.
Never to on a trip without a recovery kit.
After mending the flat tire, we proceeded towards Teluk Intan...
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