Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chamang Series 02 - Part 1

The team at Pusat Basikal Bentong in Pahang
Michelle making her way to the mountains
Farmer Wong's son Jr was pretty good with is Polygon Hybrid bike
This has been a fucked-up week with plenty of shit thrown at me.
So, the best way to de-stress is to take a ride in the countryside.
I made some arrangements with my buddy Ah Pan to meet up with him and Farmer Wong in Bentong.
Earlier, I posted in the Malaysian Foldies group on a ride to the Chamang waterfalls. 
I wasn't expecting a large turnout as I would have done fine with Michelle, Ah Pan, Farmer Wong and his son Jr.
This time round, we had David Foong and his wife Jessica who met us at Taipan USJ in the wee hours of the morning today.
This was my second ride with David and Jessica and I was surprised to hear that he had been riding literally everyday!
He had even souped up his Dahon Speed P8 with slick tires and boy! This guy is fast!
Michelle and I were riding out Speed P8 and TR which was loaded with a set of Ortlieb frontroller side panniers.
These are also an ideal-sized baggage for small bikes.

Our bikes are lugging at least 10kgs of excessive baggage.
This is our training to endure the long-haul planned for next month.
At Bentong, we met up with Ah Pan and Farmer Wong with his boy.
To my surprise, Ah Pan had rounded up a Dahon Dash P-18 which he had ordered from the Bentong Bike shop.
This fellah is more than happy to cruise with his fast folding bike..
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