Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cockroach Banquet

I was filling up my water bottle at the pantry this morning and met a colleague who joined the company recently.
Her father is a friend of mine who I held in high regards.
Then she asked: "Are you going for the NST reunion on June 26?"
My immediate reaction was: "I don't eat with cockroaches, rats and snakes.."
I was told that some ex-Editors, staff members and people related to the media business would be attending the gathering which is sponsored by a 'secret benefactor'.
The last time I actually attended a company dinner, the former Deputy Chairman reached into his pocket and gave me 20sen and told me to fuck off.
So, there you have it, 15 years of loyalty to the company - gone to the roaches.
Thinking of meeting some of the honchos who gave me such a hard time when I was a cub reporter there gives me the creeps.
I got fucked over and over again and actually survived five Group Editors before I called it a day.
That said, no love lost.
The New Straits Times as it is today, is officially circulating at 76,000 copies daily.
They are where they are because they fucked up big time and never learned from their mistakes.
Like my buddy Billy would put it: "Mana ada tahi yang berbau wangi?..."
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